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Fire is a complex set of chemical reactions in which fuel combines with oxygen and an ignition source to produce heat.There is no such thing as a standard fire. The fire size will depend on the three elements of the fire triangle and the compartment size, which will govern how big the fire is allowed to grow.
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A fire goes through different stages of development and will either exhaust the fuel supply and go out (such as a fire in a small waste paper bin) or having started, ignite other materials and eventually reach a stage where all the flammable materials in the compartment have ignited.
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This is the moment in a fire known as a flashover. The temperature in the compartment will have risen rapidly and the purpose of the walls, floors and ceiling are to maintain the integrity, insulation and load bearing capacity of the structure, for the given period.
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The fire resistant materials of the compartment should be designed and tested to ensure that they function correctly, providing they are properly installed.

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